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Done-For-You Strategy, Website, Funnel, Automation, and Sales

This is for you if:

  • You feel overwhelmed by the complex maze of web design, funnel creation, and digital optimization.
  •  You are tired of blending in with the competition, struggling to make your mark in the online world
  • You want to launch a program or challenge but not sure which funnel to choose to get the maximum ROI.
  • You need hustle free automated selling system where you can just sit and get leads, sales and appointments.
  • You want more clarity about whom to serve along with an accountability system. 
  • You want to convert your expertise into high-ticket coaching business and automate your customer acquisition.

Our 3 STEP Process

Planning & Preparation

In this phase we define the scope of project, establish a timeline, allocate resources, risk assessment & a complete research about your competitors business. 

Execution & Implementation
Execution & Build

In this phase we kick-off the project by building your website & funnels and work on design, copy, tech integrations, email setup, domain setup, add the codes. 

Project Launch

In the final phase Once the project is approved by the YOU, we optimize the design & page load speed, do the testing and also do celebrate YOUR/OUR success.

How we make it possible for you

Strategies for Optimal Growth

We delve deep into market research and analysis to craft tailored strategies that bring your product or service to the forefront of success. 

Whether it's organic or paid marketing, we've got you covered with a comprehensive approach that ensures maximum impact.

We create a detailed strategy mind-map, meticulously outlining the path to achieving your goals. Avoid the pitfalls of choosing the wrong strategy – we guide you towards the right offer, reaching the right audience, at the right time.

Research & Strategy

Conversion-Focused Website & Funnels

After learning from multiple mentors, we pride ourselves on crafting conversion-focused website & funnels with a singular purpose – driving leads, sales, and appointments.

Our dedication to excellence is reflected in every aspect, including premium graphics and mockups that elevate your brand's appeal.

Say goodbye to generic approaches – with us, your funnel becomes a strategic masterpiece, propelling your business towards unparalleled success."

Conversion-Focused Website & Funnels


Rohit Singla is a Certified Life Coach, Funnel Builder and a Business Consultant. He mainly help coaches, course creators, Online experts & consultants with launching their businesses online by putting together a strategy and systems in place like a Conversion-Focused Website, Funnels and Automations. 

So, if you are an entrepreneur or a business owner wanting to monetize your expertise with converting funnels so that you can concentrate on your area of genius, I would be happy to help you get desired results.

Just hop on a quick discovery call with me and we can discuss if we are a good fit.

Rohit Singla

Here's What Our Client's Say

Anika Luthra

Life Coach

Anika is an Empowerment Coach. She specialize in guiding high-achievers, career enthusiasts, and change-seekers to overcome self-doubt, embrace resilience, and unlock their full potential.

She has been featured in Mindvalley, CEO Insights, The Business Doctor and many such platforms.  

Priyanka Acharya

Financial Educator

Priyanka Acharya is a financial educator and is also the founder & creator of Laxmigyaan. 

Laxmigyaan aims at providing financial education to each and every household lady of the country. 

She is also the host of "Financial Chusky" podcast.